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Abdoo Security & Automation is locally owned and operated and committed to providing quality service to the community.

We provide a variety of services for you and custom design each system to tailor fit your needs.
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Security & Fire Detection Systems

Protect your valuables and loved ones by use of the latest technology in theft and fire detection.
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Home automation Design & Installation

Control Lights, Outlets, Thermostats, Whole Home Audio, and Electronic Security Systems remotely. (accessible on most web enabled mobile devices) using the latest and most advanced security and home management solution in the industry powered by Alarm.com

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Card access control systems are a popular method of increasing premises security and internal controls while reducing long-term facility operating costs. Access control systems use a credential, usually a special card or key fob; that is presented to a reader; connected to an electronic controller at a door. The controller unlocks the door when appropriate users present their credential. User-friendly software manages the system, securely managing anywhere using the Internet and seamlessly integrating with existing IT infrastructure.

With access control systems, you have the ability to command hallways, elevators, stairwells, doors, and main entrances. To decide if access control services such as a card access system is the right choice for your business, we will conduct a thorough facility survey and discuss your business operations. Our systems meet all fire, ADA, and other building codes, while our technicians ensure professional installation.

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Closed Circuit Television (Video Surveillance)

View camera images of your house or business locally or remotely.

See what’s happening at work when you’re not there or who’s at the door before they even ring the doorbell!

(images can be recorded, viewed on specified television channels, and viewed on most web enabled mobile devices)

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Home theater Design & Installation

Home theater equipment sales, design, and installation to bring the ultimate viewing experience to your favorite room or customizing a room dedicated to home theater.
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Computer Networking

Share internet, printers, or other network devices by use of wired or wireless technology.
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24 x 7 Account Monitoring

Receive notification 24 hours a day 7 days a week of burglary, fire, flood, or low temperature signals.

Cellular communication is available as a backup to your landline telephone or as the primary monitoring method if you do not have a landline telephone.



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